Companion Care Services in Fairfield, PA

Our companion care services bring company, conversation, and security to seniors in Fairfield, PA and the surrounding communities. As Fairfield’s trusted companion care providers, Preferred HealthStaff can offer a partner for favorite activities, a watchful presence to ensure your loved one’s safety, or the social interaction that your loved one need for their health and well-being.

companion care services

Preferred HealthStaff connects seniors with compassionate, loyal, and experienced care companions. We take pride in making life more enjoyable and livable for seniors through our companion care services. Whatever your loved one’s needs, we will create a customized care program to ensure those needs are attended to.

Companion Care Services for the Elderly

Companion care can be a lifeline for Fairfield’s most isolated seniors. Contrary to common belief, senior isolation is more than an emotional risk for the elderly. Seniors without strong social support networks are at higher risk of psychological, cognitive, and physical decline.

The risks of senior isolation are especially high for seniors who’ve lost a spouse, who live far away from their children, or who have mobility difficulties that make it hard to leave the home. Companion care services for the elderly offer these seniors the social support they need to ward off senior isolation. Care companions provide conversation and company during the day, helping seniors maintain their sense of purpose, happiness, and well-being. Care companions also monitor seniors for signs of decline, encourage seniors to practice proper self-care, and help seniors lead healthier lifestyles.

If you’re worried about your loved one’s security, companion care can also help them stay safe and protected. Seniors are often the targets of phone and internet fraudsters, door-to-door scammers, and burglars. A care companion’s presence can deter scam artists and predators, and can act as a safeguard against phone and internet fraud.

Care companions can even be helpful for seniors with healthy social lives. If your loved one likes having someone around to talk to, a visit from their care companion will liven up their day. If favorite hobbies or activities require a partner, their care companion is there to take part. And if you’d feel more secure knowing someone is there to check in on your mom or dad, then companion care services from Preferred HealthStaff in Fairfield will give you peace of mind.

Fairfield’s Companion Care Providers

If you are searching for companion care services in Fairfield, PA, we invite you to call the team at Preferred HealthStaff. We will be happy to create a custom care program and schedule tailored to your loved one’s preferred routine and lifestyle. Your loved one will be matched with an experienced care professional who approaches their work with compassion, kindness, and respect. To schedule a free companion care assessment, call (717) 642-8500 today.